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July 8, 2019

Introduction to TeIAS


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Please fill the application form and join us for the 3rd annual Introduction to TeIAS gathering.

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New Faculty Member Hiring

Hossein Joshaghani

Ph.D. Economics, University of Chicago
Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies (TeIAS) is delighted to announce that Hosein Joshaghani has joined the Economics Department from Spring 2019.
Hosein is an empirical economist, interested in using big data to better understand labor markets and the macroeconomy. His current research is mainly on identifying mechanisms through which discrimination takes place in the labor market, role of gig economy as a shock absorber and the optimal design and reform of labor markets.
He has joined TeIAS to make a dream come true to establish a leading world-class research institute that helps identify and propose solutions to complexities and challenges in Iran and many other developing nations.