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/ Market Prices for Call Centers with Co-Sourcing __ Mohammad Mousavi


Market Prices for Call Centers with Co-Sourcing

November 29, 2017


Khatam University, Building No2.
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Dr. Mohammad Mousavi

Assistant Professor at Department of Industrial Engineering in University of Pittsburgh


Motivated by the co-sourcing market in call center industry, we consider a single service center that offloads some of its demand to an external provider at a market price with the aim of reducing customer delays and the customer abandonment rate. We characterize the optimal proportion of demand that should be co-sourced, as well as the equilibrium market price. Additionally, the asymptotic behavior of this equilibrium is examined under different regimes. We also compare this behavior under two different types of cost functions, linear and super-linear, and show that when external provider’s cost function grows faster than linear, co-sourcing is not a beneficial alternative for the call center anymore.

Target Audience

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Mohammad Mousavi is a Lead data scientist in Target lab and an Assistant Professor (on leave) at Department of Industrial Engineering in University of Pittsburgh. Prior to joining the University of Pittsburgh, he was a senior quantitative analyst in Constellation Energy Company. He received his Ph.D. in Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

He obtained a master’s degree in Financial Engineering from Stanford University. Before that, he received B.S. degrees in Electrical Egineering and Mathematics from Sharif University of Technology. Dr.Mousavi is broadly interested on data driven approach in Financial and Business Analytics. Particularly, he focusses in the areas of stochastic modeling and statistics, and their synergistic application to problems arising in supply chain, financial services, energy market, E-commerce, revenue management, and pricing.