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/ Khatam Special Economic Course

Khatam Special Economic Course

“Being in Khatam’s friendly environment was a good experience of this program and the professor’s concern about students’ education and their availability for us to ask questions were the positive points of this program.”

Negar Bagheri



“The strangest thing about this university is that the future of each and every student is very important for all the members of the group and maybe this is the most important strength point of the course”

Navid Akbaripour



“Although I passed bachelor before joining Khatam University, I feel that it is the first time I’m in an academic environment .It almost has everything for an academic life.”

Mohammad Majidi



“A literally “unique” program that was an incomparable experience as a master program which I was lucky to attend. Meeting professors from all around the world and discussing with Iranian and foreign economic geniuses is not a strange thing in this program. On the other hand, a very courteous and supportive atmosphere that the professors, administrators and the system has prepared, provides a very good and friendly environment, materially and spiritually, for the students.”

Ata Samadzadeh



“I haven’t regretted choosing Khatam even for one moment during my studies under the supervision of Teias group, and that’s because of the knowledgeable professors and their care and vision towards our education. Also, the friendly environment, helps a lot to overcome the probable hardships.”

Pedram Pouyafar