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Who Should Choose TeIAS?


“Anyone who is looking for challenge and learning, tired of the routine educational system of the country, cares about future and that is why he is ready to make hard choices.”

Amirhossein Nadi


“This program according to its advantages, provide a condition with the least tension for students to peruse their lessons and academic topics.”

Mohsen Kermani


“I recommend Khatam to any friend who wants to continue economics in high level and decides to allocate all his time to economics, the knowledge and applications. It’s not important that you have studied economics or engineering, either way you should prepare yourself for a special program and an immense effort which you will see the results in the future.”

Navid Akbarpouri


“For the ones who want to grow and improve their scientific level for their future education, otherwise they cannot stand the pressure of studying.”

Mohammad Samadian


“I think students who want to have a program like top universities in economics and are determined enough, would be interested to start this especial program.”

Pedram Pouyafar


“This program is suitable for those who are really interested in economics and have serious objectives, those who never get tired of struggling”

Avenia Ghazarian