Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies (TeIAS)




“Apart from my great interest in the topics of this field, unlike my friends who has changed their major from engineering to economics, I liked my major. But I came to the conclusion that by studying economics, in addition to being more influential, I will be more connected to society and would be able to understand more critical issues and may step on a path that would lead me to solutions for some of these problems.”

Navid Akbaripour


“I was tired of the arid environment of engineering. There were no excitement and science challenge for me in that field. So I listened to my heart and decided to continue my studies in Economics, a field which was full of questions and exciting issues and it was abundantly practical in daily life and in individual, social and even international interactions. Imagining myself as an economist and having a job related to this field made me feel incredible .A rare feeling that I barely have had experienced in engineering.”

Ata Samadzadeh


“I personally enjoy the analytical topics especially when they are more related to macro topics and concern society and its governing relations so I turned to Humanities and among them, economics is the one which is accurate and talk in some systematic methodology. Because it has a strong relation with mathematics. Above all, the sick economic condition of the country and the need for experts in this field, encourage me to study economics.”

Mohammad Sadeghi