Invitation to Visit the Economics and Finance group at Khatam University

Teias institute, an independent institute within Khatam University, which aimed at excelling in quality of education and research, offers attractive opportunities to prominent researchers in the fields of economics, finance, operations research and related areas to visit Khatam University and contribute to this new initiative. We started a new MSc program in economics in 2017. We are actively hiring and we already have 5 faculty members all graduated from top universities: UC Berkeley, Texas A&M University, University of Pennsylvania, SSE, University of Texas at Austin. We were excited to attract top students in our first cohort: all those who chose us, could also choose Tehran University and some of them had the option to choose Sharif University. We believe the output would be the best in Iran when it comes to research quality.

Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies

Pasargad Bank, one of the largest private banks in Iran is determined to sponsor this new initiative to establish a world-class university in Iran. Pasargad Bank already sponsors Khatam University and the leaders want to overhaul Khatam University to a world class university. A group of top Iranian academicians from all over the world have been involved almost since the beginning of this effort and we believe that we may be able to become a leading institution in the region in less than 10 years. Benefiting from Iranian diaspora in academia, as well as non-Iranians, would be an invaluable asset. To embark on this project, a variety of collaboration programs have been developed and defined for potential.


Khatam University sponsors your visit and a seminar by reimbursing your air ticket. Almost 60 talks have been planned for academicians from top universities during past year. We require the speakers to spend two days at our institution, mostly doing their own research and chat with faculty and students about research.

3.Short Courses

If you wish to teach a short course, we can work out the details. We prefer new topics and advanced issues. We offer an additional compensation package depending on the topics, duration, timing, etc. If you have an idea, let’s discuss it.

2. Visiting Scholars

If you plan to spend an extended period of time at university, namely more than 5 days, we sponsor your air ticket as well as your accommodation by a $100-200 daily stipend for housing. During this visit you are encouraged to work on your own research, meeting students and faculty as well as participating in seminars and discussions on the strategy and direction of the university. This could be a great opportunity to invite your coauthors to Iran and work together while you enjoy your visit to Tehran.

4. Summer School

If you are interested in a larger event, you can lead a summer school. During past few years Pasargad Bank sponsored several world-class summer schools with speakers from MIT, Stanford, Emory, Arizona State, LSE, Oxford, Imperial College, Cambridge, ETH Zurich,…

Summer School 2016

The New Science of Market Design
Big Data Economics
Cyber-Physical System

Summer School 2017

International Trade
Energy and Environmental Economics
Verification of Concurrent Systems

Summer School 2018

Economics of Cryptocurrencies
2nd Big Data Economics
Networks and Systems

If you ever think that you may be interested in traveling to Iran and had doubts, feel free to let us know and we can work out the details to construct a customized plan for you. We understand how valuable and productive could your presence be so we are willing to work out a solution in which you choose to spend some time at Khatam. We believe if there are a large enough group of people like yourself in this initiative, the environment could be a unique and productive one.

Needless to say, if you ever consider returning to Iran forever, this institution provides a very attractive package including a salary (that is much higher than Iranian public universities), travel grants, paid TA/RA’s for productive faculties and research grants. It is in its infancy but there are measures in place to make sure it bypass established universities in a few years. If you are interested, please kindly fill The Application Form. For further information please contact [email protected] with your topic of interest, your tentative travel dates and any other questions you may have.