Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies (TeIAS)

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About Us

Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies (TeIAS) is a research-centered educational institute that is established within Khatam University to advance the quality and the culture of research and education in Iran. TeIAS was founded in 2015, and admitted the first cohort of students in the fall 2017...

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Khatam University

Khatam University, is a young leading private university in Iran which has established a new era of higher education in Iran. TeIAS is one of the leading centers in Khatam to achieve this goal. Khatam University is sponsored by Bank Pasargad, the largest private bank in Iran.

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Higher education is all about high-quality research. High-quality research provides evidence that is robust, ethical, stands up to scrutiny, and can be used to improve society. If you are looking for a place to focus only on high-quality research join us at TeIAS.

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A higher education’s success is the result of collaboration among high potential and passionate intellectuals. TeIAS is established on integrity, quality, critical thinking, academic independence, and teamwork.

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TeIAS by the Numbers

10 Academic Staff
53 Students
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