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About Us

Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies (TeIAS) is a research-centered educational institute that is established to advance the quality and the culture of research and education in Iran. TeIAS was founded in 2015, and admitted the first cohort of students in the fall 2017.
Currently TeIAS has two departments of Economics and Finance and Computer Science, and is en route to expand with a healthy growth rate in years to come, including establishment of several other departments. TeIAS already competes with top schools in Iran in attracting the best students and professors.

Khatam University

Khatam University was founded in 1997 as a non-profit institute of higher education to provide and facilitate educational services in Iran. In 2013 after a few years pause Khatam resumed its activities.

There are currently four faculties, namely Engineering, Humanities, Arts & Architecture as well as Finance in Khatam with 95 faculty members and there are more than 2000 students and almost 1200 graduates.


To advance the quality and the culture of research and education


To conduct research and education at the highest quality that addresses grand challenges in the world, as well as our regional, national, and local communities, and accelerates our presence in a competitive global knowledge economy.  

Our Values


Academic Independence



Critical Thinking

Collaboration and Teamwork

Board of Trustees

Dr. Reza Ardakanian

Founding Director of


Dr. Majid Ghasemi

President of Khatam University and CEO of Pasargad Bank


Dr. Kazem Mirvalad

Chairman of the Board of Director of Pasargad Bank

 Dr. Siavash Shahshahani

Professor and Former Head of the Faculty of Mathematics at Sharif University 

Dr. Mohammad Morovati

Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance
Managing Director

Dr. Firouzeh Khalatbari

Economist and CEO of the Institute for Advanced Innovative Approches of Pasargad

 Dr. Azar Saemian

Iran Management Association (IMA)

Dr. Amin Aminzadeh

Associate Professor