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/ Climate Change Risk, and Human Behavior: Theory and Evidence ( joint with S. Dhami & P. Mamidi) __ Narges Hajimoladarvish


Climate Change Risk, and Human Behavior: Theory and Evidence ( joint with S. Dhami & P. Mamidi)

TeIAS Lecture Poster - Narges Darwish

December 18, 2023
(27 Azar, 1402)



In-person seminar: Room 3005, Daneshvar Building, Khatam University.
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December 17, 2023

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Narges Hajimoladarvish

Senior Researcher Fellow at Ashoka University


A group of decision makers simultaneously make contributions towards a green fund that reduces the future probability of a climate catastrophe. We derive the theoretical predictions of the effects on contributions arising from ‘behavioral parameters’ such as loss aversion and present-bias; ‘structural factors’ such as variation in the timing of uncertainty; the ‘demand for a commitment device’; and ‘institutional factors’ such as comparing voluntary contributions with mandatory tax-financed contributions. We then run experiments to stringently test our predictions. Loss aversion and present-bias reduce contributions; there is demand for the commitment technology; and voluntary contributions are higher relative to mandatory tax-financed contributions.



Narges is a Senior Research Fellow and Lead Behavioral Scientist of the Pop-U.P. Lab at the Centre for Social and Behaviour Change at Ashoka University. Her primary research interest is Behavioral and Experimental Economics, where she explores the interplay of behavioral parameters in diverse human behaviors such as savings, tax evasion, and attitudes towards climate change. Narges has a PhD in Economics from the University of Leicester and over a decade of teaching experience at the University of Leicester and Alzahra University.