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Macro Economics

Macroeconomics I Course Material



Macroeconomics I: Syllabus     January 2019     Download


Lecture 1: Introduction     January 2019     Download


Lecture 2: Centralized Economy     February 2019     Download


Economic Growth: Introduction to Modern Macroeconomics I     February 2019     Download


Decentralized Economy and Markets: Introduction to Modern Macroeconomics I     February 2019     Download


Introduction to Search Models of Unemployment     March 2019, Saman Darougheh      Download


Efficiency in Labor Markets     March 2019, Saman Darougheh     Download


Unemployment Fluctuations     March 2019, Saman Darougheh     Download


Mismatch Unemployment     March 2019, Saman Darougheh     Download


Government: Expenditures and Public Finances     April 2019     Download


Fiscal Policy: Further Issues     April 2019     Download


The Open Economy     May 2019     Download