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/ A global economic history of the last 200 years The first industrial revolution (1800-1870) __ Ramin Nassehi

Short Course

A Global Economic History of the Last 200 Years

November 24th, and December 1st, 2021
(3rd and 10th Azar, 1400)



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November 30th, 2021

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Ramin Nassehi

lecturer in the Department of Economics, University College London


In this short course, I will tell the economic history of the world in the last 200 years, through the lens of technological innovation and diffusion. I will focus on the economic impact of the General-Purpose Technologies of each period: steam engine (the First Industrial Revolution), electricity (the Second Industrial Revolution); and computer and information technology (the Third Industrial Revolution). I will discuss the winners and losers of these technological revolutions both within and across countries. Finally, I ask if these past technological revolutions can help us think about the effects of the upcoming “AI revolution”.


Ramin is a lecturer in the department of economics at University College London and a member of Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics. His interest is on economics pedagogy, particularly in the ways in which economists can better communicate their ideas to the public. He has been involved in various education projects such as Royal Economic Society’s “Discover Economics”, Explore Econ (UCL student conference), UCL Economics Walk and EconFrame (economics photo competition). He is also a contributor to CORE Econ project. Alongside economics pedagogy, Ramin has an interest in economic history, specifically on the history of industrialisation in pre-Revolutionary Iran. He has studied at the University of Oxford, LSE, Queen Mary and Tehran University.