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/ The (Mis)Perceived Determinants of Team Success in Non-Routine Analytical Tasks __ David Schindler


The (Mis)Perceived Determinants of Team Success in Non-Routine Analytical Tasks (joint with F Englmaier, D Grothe & S Schudy)

TeIAS Seminar - David Schindler

November 13, 2023
(22 Aban, 1402)



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November 12, 2023

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David Schindler

Associate Professor of Economics, Tilburg University


Over the last decades, work tasks have become increasingly non-routine, complex, and analytical, leading to the widespread adoption of team-based organizational structures. To assemble productive teams and implement efficient governance structures, human resource (HR) experts need to form correct expectations about the most crucial determinants of team success. This study documents HR experts’ perceptions (n=3,000) regarding the relative importance of various team composition dimensions and governance structures for performance in non-routine analytical tasks. Exploiting the unique opportunity to contrast expectations with actual performance data of 1,062 teams, we show that experts hold qualitatively accurate beliefs. However, they substantially underestimate the value of leadership. These patterns hold up in an additional general population sample (n=3,000). Furthermore, we document implicit biases against (particularly female) leadership, which partially depend on the respondent’s own gender.


David Schindler

David is an Associate Professor in the Economics Department at Tilburg University. He holds a PhD in Economics from LMU Munich. His research is primarily focused on behavioral & experimental economics, economic history, and personnel economics. He is also a Research Affiliate at CESifo. With his research, he seeks to understand how insights from behavioral economics influence behavior in questions of public policy, political economy, as well as finance, and firm organization.